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Investment Consultancy

Ph. no. 24481501 / 24481502


  • Member of National Stock Exchange
  • Member of Bombay Stock Exchange.


  • Funds of more than 500 Individual Investors. Present amount managed is in many crores
  • Corporate Funds of even larger size being handled through us. Inter - Corporate Deposits, Bill Discounting facilities
  • Funds Deployed in Share Market and also advanced to property developers
  • Funds fully secured against shares and prime properties.


  • Portfolio Advice
  • New Issue services
  • Secondary Market Operations.


We have Depository Participant (DP) membership of CDSL where a full-fledged professional service is provided with impeccable discipline.

The investment services offered through companies titled Prabodh Artha Wardhini Pvt. Ltd., Prabodh Artha Sanchay Pvt. Ltd. include financing, property deals and developments and share brokership. We have terminals of NSE and BSE and ours is one of the leading share broking firms of Pune city.We have been offering prompt Depository services through Depository Participant (DP) membership of CDSL.

Prabodh is eager and equipped to serve you in a highly professional manner that will create close, confident comradery of sorts between us.

You are welcome to this newer opportunity for persistent growth!

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