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Joining Hands For Mutual Growth

A Dream Network

Prabodh website is launched to take you to the virtual reality of a dream. A dream in which creation of wealth is sought for upholding of social cause.

To achieve this, we feel that compiling information is not enough. Sharing motivation is the need of the hour. Exploring together new business ideas and working in cohesive clusters seems to be the way. Autonomous in spirit and work culture, complementary in abilities and resources, this ' Dream Network ' can lead to a bigger size comprising of suitable entities. These businesses could be pertaining to any frontier field of science and technology, including Information Technology, Biotechnology, Multi - Media and others.

Such dreams may take shape of a vision. As Jnana Prabodhini is dedicated to change the face of our country for better, this' Dream Network’' will be knit with needle of professional excellence and the threads of social commitment. On the 29th anniversary of Prabodh, we thus aspire to grow with wider connectivity.

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